Utilize a CAD Conversion for the Perfect Product Video

August 27, 2018 jeffsoko
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Does your company need a CAD file conversion for use in animation or motion graphics?

CAD File Conversion:

We offer the most cost-effective way to get a reliable CAD file conversion and the expertise to use the converted model in any type of marketing video you may need with consistently beautiful results.

Turn your CAD file conversion into revenue with different types of promotional video content:

  • Web Storefront & Amazon Product Pages
  • Commercials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Investor Proposals
  • Prototype Fly-Throughs
  • Logo Animations
Girl witnesses a perfect CAD File Conversion

Why do other studios charge so much or get bad results?

Historically, getting a CAD file conversion that is compatible with motion graphics software has been challenging to say the least. And at worst, extremely expensive.

Typically there would be a lot of back and forth between your company’s CAD engineers and the animator. This ties up a lot of your engineer’s time and inconsistencies between different practices usually end in poor results. Consequently there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a buggy IGES file that is practically unusable.

Furthermore, if you’re dealing with more than one CAD file conversion, old techniques may yield inconsistent results between multiple models. One model may look great while others have issues that require more time to troubleshoot, therefore costing you more money in the end.

Any CAD software. Any CAD model. No CAD file conversion is too complex.

Your CAD file conversion will have all of the detail that your engineers and designers invested so much time into. Essentially, the model used in your video will be nearly identical to it’s real-life product.

Just email or WeTransfer us your native CAD file from any application. We support 99% of CAD softwares including the most commonly used applications:

  • AutoCAD
  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • Solid Edge
  • UG NX
  • Catia
  • ProE/Creo
  • Rhino
  • MicroStation

Ask us specifically about other CAD applications. Many lesser used applications are supported, but some may limit various functionalities.

Here are a few common CAD file conversion projects that may benefit your brand:

  • Product Demonstration: Useful for web storefronts and Amazon listings
  • Commercials: A short 30-60 second video showing the strengths of your product
  • Prototype Videos: Great for reeling in investors for your new invention
  • Explainer Videos: One of the best ways to explain a new product or service
  • Logo Bumpers: Get a slick 3D logo intro starring your flagship product
CAD File Conversion
Engineers working tirelessly on a proper CAD file conversion
"Soko Design took my client's CAD files and created an awesome social media marketing campaign. I literally saved thousands by avoiding the recreation of a custom 3D model based on the CAD file we had already invested in. Any snags during production were navigated quickly and professionally. Jeff's dedication to mastering his craft is unrivaled."
David M.
Whale Windows
soko design