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Our Motion Graphic Services

Explainer videos are the uncontested best way to communicate the strengths of a brand new product or service to your target audience in three minutes or less.

Ready to train your staff or customers on how to use your proprietary software? Soko Design can simulate your user interface or illustrate abstract concepts to create custom tutorials.

We can take nearly any CAD file and convert it into a 3D model to be used in a promotional animated video, whether you have a finished product ready for market or you’re looking for investors into your new invention’s prototype. That CAD file that you’ve already invested in can be used as a 3D model in your animation with your item’s exact dimensions and features, saving a ton of money on 3D modeling.

Logo animations are everywhere from TV commercials to cinema. Give your brand or YouTube channel instant credibility with a professional animation and custom sound design included.

Brand Consulting, 2D & 3D Motion Graphics, Commercials, Special Effects & Compositing, HTML5 Vector Animation & Animated GIFs, Voice Overs, & WordPress Web Design.

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jeff soko

Who am I?

My name is Jeff Sokoloski, a freelance motion designer from Detroit. My interest in video and design began when I was only 15 years old. I spent nearly everyday filming myself and friends skateboarding and editing footage in Premier and After Effects. This was way back in the Wild West of the internet, when a 15 year old could sneak past Adobe to get his hands on AE v6.5! I carried that passion with me into adulthood and have been working on video productions of all kinds since. My main tools are After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift, and most of the Adobe suite. My nearly 20 years of formal and informal experience have given me the ability to navigate complex production challenges with a distinct perspective and inventive problem-solving.

Why hire me?

• Competitive rates  and free consulting on your unique animated project
• More than 10 years professional experience working in After Effects & Cinema 4D
• I’m dedicated to my clients and personally guarantee your satisfaction